Expanding The Dynamic Electrical SA Team

Dynamic Electrical Systems Australia has expanded it’s team.
Due to the demand of Industrial Electrical Systems being installed, another high standard A-class Electrician has joined our team.

Recently, Dynamic Electrical SA has been undertaken works at Revitalise Enterprises, north of Adelaide. The client has added multi millions dollar substrate facility to their operation and Dynamic Electrical SA has been engaged to carried out electrical work, communications of computer systems, control systems, machinery and general light and power.

In close contact with the client, we have been able to provide a future proof and full proof system of a high standard.

Since this is a major project, our other projects are just as important. We have therefore added to our workforce.
As of recently, Jarrod Marks has joined our team. Jarrod has 5 years experience in the field and high standards in installing electrical systems. Jarrod’s work ethics reflect in the work he carries out. May it be a complex problem and providing a effective and durable solution. We welcome Jarrod to our team and look forward to the future.

If you business need expert electrical service, please contact us and we will provide you with the service no other electrical contractor can provide you. Let our team work for you and most importantly WITH you.

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